Mechanic Service and Repairs

New Car Warranty Service

Our mechanics perform reliable, economical Log Book Services, using quality auto parts, without voiding the Manufacturers Warranty. You are not required to take your vehicle to the dealer or manufacturer to maintain your warranty. All that is required is for your vehicle to be serviced at the intervals specified in your owners manual and to have that service correctly recorded in your log book.

General Service

Our mechanics will diagnose any problems and discuss with you the need for any work.
No matter the make or model of your vehicle, our mechanics will perform a fast, reliable service, using high quality parts and oils.

Registration Inspections

Rego checks for Pink Slips are then lodged electronically with the RTA.

Vehicle Inspections

Our team will help you with that all important buying decision by giving the vehicle a thorough inspection and discussing with you any issues that may arise.


We perform a system inspection and after consultation with you, will work reliably and efficiently on your brakes.
This includes pads/shoes, hydraulic fluids, rotor/ drum wear, callipers and handbrake.


Don’s Motor Repairs Complete Tyre Service includes the supply of high quality tyres and tyre fitting.
Our qualified mechanics can assist in the very important care of your tyres by performing tasks such as Tyre Condition Consultation, Puncture Repairs, Wheel Alignments and Tyre Rotation.
Problems such as incorrect tyre pressure are common and can lead to uneven wear and blowouts.

Batteries and Auto Electrical Repairs

Batteries are important, as they don’t just start a vehicle. Batteries now provide power to the electrics within the engine, vehicle accessories and stereos systems.
Our mechanics will test the condition of your battery and starter motor and the charge in the alternator. We will advise you on which battery is appropriate for your vehicle and any other repairs that may be needed.

Steering and Suspension Systems

Our experienced mechanics will inspect and consult with you and then skillfully work on your steering and/ or suspension systems. This includes work on the Front End, Shocks and Struts, Coil and Leaf Springs, Ball Joints, Cv Boots and Steering Racks.

Exhaust Systems

A worn exhaust not only leads to a loud noise, but potentially can lead to a loss of power, a hotter engine, poorer fuel economy, less torque and possible fumes in your car. Our specialists can diagnose your exhaust problem, knowingly advise you, and perform an efficient and economical repair or replacement.

Cooling System

Rust and Scale deposits can build up in a vehicles cooling system and engine, leading to overheating and possible breakdown. Coolants need to be flushed and changed regularly.
At Don’s Motor Repairs, we help protect your vehicle by performing Cooling System Flushes, Pressure Testing, testing and, if necessary, replacement of, Hoses, Water Pumps and Radiators. The system is then filled with high quality Coolant.

Air Conditioning Servicing

Air Conditioners need servicing and cleaning on a regular basis to keep them functioning efficiently.
Our reliable mechanics will test and replace if necessary items such coolant, belts and hoses.

Transmission Service and Repair

Our knowledgeable mechanics will diagnose, discuss with you and perform necessary service and repairs on your transmission.
We work on automatic, manual, four wheel drive and front wheel drive vehicles.

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